Easy Subtitles - Subtitle creator

EasySub is an web application to create and edit subtitle.

EasySub can also be connected to your YouTube account and you will be able to publish subtitle that you created to YouTube in just one click.

How it works

1. You select the video to subtitle, from your PC or one of your YouTube account.
				2. You create, import or/and edit subtitle.
				3. PROFIT !! At any time, you download the subtile as a .SRT or you save it directly to YouTube!

How to watch a video with my subtitle ?

Once you finished and downloaded your subtitle, make sure that his file name is the same as your video. After that, use a video player like VLC and it will automatically read the video with the subtitle.
add subtitle on a video with VLC
Subitle name have to be the same has your video.

How to add a subtitle to my YouTube video ?

There is nothing easier with EasySub. Go to the application, chose your YouTube video, create your subtitle and just click "Save to YouTube".
That all! Your subtitle is available on YouTube !
my subtitle on YouTube
Add subtitle on YouTube ? easy-peasy!


Preview in .SRT format

Try the complete app !

Subtitle your own video from your computer or select one of your YouTube video and put it online in just one click !


Because it use HTML5 functionality, EasySub only work with modern browser and is only tested on Chrome and FireFox. EasySub may not work properly with other browser